Thursday, 20 March 2014

Walmart have a viral video that brings a voice to Special Needs. Good.

You may or may not, like Walmart.

But you'll find it hard not to like them when you see this online video. Because it's storytelling - the best way to use digital video - and because it's real. Nobody is trying to sell you anything here except to feel good.

About jobs. About American products. About Walmart.

People might say that it's using people with Special Needs to promote Walmart. Exploiting them. 

We have Special Needs in our family and I can assure you it's the opposite - people want their voices heard and for so, so long we refused to use them in Advertising. Now we can and now they can be heard with online digital video.

Good on you Walmart.
And with 1.3 million views already, you're going viral which you could never do on TV.