Friday, 10 January 2014

It's its Birthday so how old do you think the Iphone is?

In fact it's 7 years old. 

Steve Jobs presented his great new idea for the phone market and everybody thought, What? A phone?

And it brought the whole concept of touchscreen, firmly to the market.

Today it accounts for over half of Apple's total revenue with about 450 million units sold. Of course, the revenue isn't just in the expensive handsets but rather in the applications through ITunes, App Store sales and so on. 

The Apple Store alone, generated 10 Billion usd in 2013 with over 50 BILLION Apps being downloaded since the start. 50 Billion!

The Iphone 5S by the way, is 20% lighter than the original Iphone but 40 times faster. 

The Iphone now makes more money than all of Disney and all of Coca-Cola. It makes more money than all of Microsoft!

It's pretty impressive for a 7 year old idea don't you think?
And a helluva tribute to Steve Jobs.