Thursday, 5 December 2013

Flipboard. Steve Jobs favourite App. And probably the best App in the world. Ever.

Cut a long story short...

My Iphone (5S 64 running ios 7) was choc full of music downloads. I know, it's a lot of Albums, but consequently I didn't have the phone capacity to download apps or really do anything. And there's no bigger phone.

So I got my fab iTunes Cloud account, transferred the albums off the phone, up to the cloud to stream/download in due course when I need to and now, my phone capacity was back.

So I downloaded Flipboard.

Now I had just forgotten how much my life had fallen apart without Flipboard. I had become a nervous wreck. Lonely, unstable. I stopped showering (okay, I'm exaggerating here, but you get the drift).

Instantly I got my techy stuff back, my music, my art, my books, my news, my videos...the upgrade is even better...if that was possible.

Flipboard's Mike McCue is a genius and although the Twitter App comes close, this is the best of them all. The image above is from Wired where they say Flipboard was a favourite App of Steve Jobs. That does not surprise me.

And it's free.

Treat yourself for Christmas.
Download it now and live again.