Friday, 19 July 2013

Heineken. Extensive JFK Airport promotion has one thing in mind. The video.

Heineken have a large sign, like a 48 sheet poster, at JFK Airport, Terminal 9, that asks people who are travelling (passengers who have come through security on their way to the departure gate), to 'Drop everything, push the button'.

When they do, they're faced with a roulette of many destinations where they're sent to. But you have to be ready to commit, drop your existing travel plans and go there and then to wherever Heineken sends you. One guy got sent to Alaska.

Interestingly, most refuse to push the button.

It's creating a stir because of the audacity of it and in some cases, given the needs for Visas, that it has all "been staged". But it's bringing huge PR gains.

The idea however, behind the stunt, is YouTube.

Once you decide to push the button, your trip is filmed all the way for a video series on YouTube, which is where the real audience is. It shows the power of video online so much so, that Heineken would design an elaborate stunt such as this, just to get good watchable video.

Or more importantly, good viral video. Much like Pepsi have done recently, to encourage 'home made' prank video.

The cost of this Heineken promotion is huge and will be extended to other airports. They understand though, that it has huge video potential and consequently, it's worth it.

Online video is huge and getting bigger. But to stand out, you need video that's watchable, shareable and it starts with a stunt like this.