Wednesday, 10 April 2013

North Korea have launched a missile. Japan's Government Tweets. By accident.

The Korean peninsula is on a knife-edge as we know.

One small mistake may unsettle everything. 

So the Japanese government officials got ready. On standby and had their tweets ready to go. All bases covered, all on alert.

One of the official Tweets was "North Korea has launched a missile" ready to send to advise the population to be prepared. All good preparation because Twitter is huge in Japan.

Until one donkey in officialdom goes and sends it, by mistake at noon on the official Twitter account. And leaves it up, for 20 minutes before replacing it with an apology.

It's one way to get re tweeted but another way to cause total havoc. And the sort of thing that really causes problems.

And the culprit? "The Crisis Management Office Affairs Bureau" of Yokohama in Japan. Irony of ironies.

(It wouldn't happen in Jack Dorsey's day.....)