Tuesday, 12 February 2013

North Korea's nuclear test site exposed. Unmanned Spy Drones? CIA Secret Satellites? Nah, Google Maps.

Hard to keep anything secret these days with ongoing battles over privacy on Social Media. But a nuclear test?

North Korea's efforts to keep their nuclear test location under wraps, in what was traditionally a James Bond 'cloak and dagger' affair, has been exposed.

Unmanned Army drones? CIA Secret Satellites? Nope. Google Maps. 

In fact Mashable, using Google Maps, can tell you all you need to know. Another blow to Social Media privacy....(but in a good way)....

So you want to see where it was? I'll tell you but then I'll have to kill you...it was here -

Or maybe you want a clearer picture...

Or the co-ordinates? 41.301 North 129.066 East. 

And there's lots more pictures of the Windy Mountain Road now referred to as 'Nuclear Test Road'. Since you asked, it's here in fact -

Initially it was thought this was an earthquake but in fact it was North Korea's third nuclear test since 2006, which has the world shaking a bit. Even China, its last friend in the world, isn't happy one bit.

There's even a video of the explosion on YouTube although pre-rolled with an Ad for 'Ernst and Young'. You should never miss an opportunity to pre-roll anything. I mean Ad revenue is Ad revenue. Still they might have changed the creative ("Ernst and Young's growth is exploding" or "We don't ever see black clouds". Something relevant, like the Superbowl brands..... I don't know, Ad Agencies these days.....).

And North Korea knows the value of YouTube having officially uploaded the video on top of this blog, only last week, showing a nuclear attack on New York. 

A dream sequence, set to Michael Jackson's "We are the world" played on what appears to be a 1940's xylophone, one could only think of better tracks. How about "Call me Maybe"? Everyone else is - and a fantastic opportunity to go viral, missed. What were they thinking?

And no you're right, it's too serious to be funny. 

But a country run by a 30 year old, which has its people impoverished, has to be treated with the disdain it deserves. 

Keep spying Google.
No need to worry about any right to privacy here.
In fact, hats off.