Thursday, 7 February 2013

Facebook launch big video initiative to communicate to developers. Nice way for other corporates too....

Live Video works great - except when it's news as this Reporter found out. Great put-down.

Facebook needs to communicate with developers. And how are Facebook doing it? On video.

Called Developers Live Wednesday, it's now a video channel where everyone can watch and share. Using live streaming, it allows instant access to Facebook engineers and to solve problems quickly. Using pre-recorded video too, they can answer common questions in a FAQ style from Facebook staff.

Video allows easy demonstration of technology allowing you to replay and replay and replay and the site will then add to its video library. Or go back later and have another look if it's still unclear.

The first one is on Feb 19, hosted by a Facebook expert in web and mobile platforms, it's targeting gaming developers telling them things to look out for and answering questions.

Developers can request an invite on, well, Facebook

You can also see who's going to watch and so on. Nice, happy page it is too. And a nice development by Facebook.

Video is a great tool to communicate online and using live video can deal with issues immediately as well as, building a Video library online. And it's easy to do as well as being relatively low cost. Inviting people into your Facebook page helps the build up.

Great ideas for companies. Great for Streamabout too.
If it's good enough for Facebook......