Friday, 11 January 2013

Piers Morgan goes viral. The must see video of the year so far.

You may know about Piers Morgan, the former newspaper editor now on CNN replacing Larry King. You definitely know about the gun control controversy that still rages in the US.

You may not know that a petition was started to have Piers deported from the US which got 109,000 signatures meaning, under law, it had to be dealt it. But The White House have said he can stay. 

Morgan then tweeted "Thanks for keeping me Mr. President, much appreciated".

However, it began a tweeting battle and Mr. Morgan is not exactly shy, giving as good as he got. So much so, he decided to have the petition mastermind, on his show - perhaps thinking it would do some good.

A man called Alex Jones who is also a Texan Broadcaster (The Alex Jones Show ironically) and I think it's fair to say, an advocate of no gun control.

This "interview" went out live - mad idea in itself - but it has gone crazy on Social Media all starting with YouTube. 6 million views already and it's becoming viral as an attempt to influence gun control - by both sides!

You have to see it.

And it brings up something else about the relevance and usefulness of YouTube. Because it is. A national treasure.