Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Time Magazine announces its "Gadget of the year".

Time Magazine has just published its annual list of "top 10 gadgets of the year". That's issue 1, volume 1 above.

The winner was the Iphone 5 of which Time said, "Apple still has no peer in the smartphone market". Indeed, correct.

At number 6 was Apple's Mac-Book pro. At number 9 was Nest, the thermostat created by a former Apple executive. Microsoft's new Surface Tablet made it too at number 7.

The list is:

1. Iphone 5, 
2 Nintendo WiiU, 
3 Sony Cyber-shot RX100 (hear, hear, magnificent piece of kit), 
4 Raspberry Pi, 
5 Lytro, 
6 Apple's MacBook Pro, 
7 Microsoft Surface Tablet, 
8 Galaxy Note, 
9 Nest, 
10 Simple TV.

Simple TV is a set-top box that allows streaming and gets my vote too. Have a look at it. The Samsung Galaxy doesn't deserve its place having been found guilty of copying the Iphone, which certainly does deserve to be top of the heap. The original Iphone topped the list in 2007. The Ipad2 did the same last year. In 2010, the Ipad1 topped the list. 

Spot a trend?
It's called Apple Genius.