Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Google starts Ad Campaign to promote its advertising being better than traditional media. And what does it use? Press. Irony of ironies.

Excuse this for being short but then, I can't make it any longer. It is what it is - 

Google takes out a press campaign to promote, advertising on Google - under the concept that they will deliver more targeted audiences. 

Who needs a haircut? People searching for one. Absolutely. Clever line.

Simply, the ad suggests, that with Google you reach only the people you want to reach as distinct from say, Press Advertising, which reaches everyone. In other words, Press advertising is a bit of a eh, waste of time they say.


But then they've just taken out a Press Ad to prove it? Oh dear. Proving the power of press.

But this is going to feature in Conference powerpoint presentations from newspaper publishers for years to come and I'm with them. Irony of ironies.

(And you'd wonder, why is Google advertising at all?)
I can hear my press friends laughing now.
So am I.