Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Coke viral. This is just special. A must-see, 2.5m views already.

I'm sorry but I've nothing to add to this.
Go full screen (the little squares in the bottom right of the video) and turn up your sound, then play.

There's nothing to say except it's for Coke Latin America produced by Landia.
Supertramp Roger Hodgson's song who has tweeted that he loves it.

Like Coke, Hate Coke, it matters not. 2.5 million views, gone viral.
And it deserves to be passed on. Update today - has gone to 6m views.

(If you're interested in the way Google has brought Coke into the digital age, there's greatness here featuring creative Harvey "I'd like to teach the world to sing" Gabor. Well worth it.)

Every Agency has looked at using security camera video, but never like this.
We've looked at using youtube videos, but never like this.
We've even tried to look at developing good news, but no, never like this.

And this is my shortest blog ever.
It's not laziness.

It's because I'm in awe.