Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sean Parker launches Airtime. A real Skype competitor with live video.

Video, Video, Video, everyone wants it and along comes 'Airtime' Sean Parker's new video service which offers real time chat around Facebook.

Sean of course helped launched Facebook (formerly its President) itself and Spotify but this time has teamed up with another Shaun, Fanning - of Napster fame. Sean's Facebook equity current value? About 2.6bn usd so he won't be short of investment in Airtime nevermind being able to tap into Social Media. He has access like no other. Already Airtime has circa 33m investment.

What Airtime does, and does better than a Skype, is that it draws your Facebook interests and connects you with people you do (or don't know) to video chat around those interests - if of course, you let it. So a real video Social network and notably amongst friends. Talk to existing ones or make some new ones.

You can of course, reject or uptake the Airtime friends suggestions or indeed, limit your interests fields but it works and works smoothly. The start screen is easy to use and easy to modify with split screen giving the 'one to one' feel.

So Mr. Parker has now entered the video market in a real way and it's typical of a thinking that starts with the consumer. Find what they're interested in and let them chat about it.

Interested in music? Chat to other people with exactly the same interest in a partricular Band. Interested in Fashion? Chat to those too. And perhaps in time, chat to the band member or the fashion designer.

With the prevalence of broadband (always been a problem for video), this is both seamless and smooth. So you get something really interesting and very watchable. Almost like instant messaging.

They'll make money through selling advertising or products in time. It automatically blocks porn so it becomes more "safe".

There's been a lot of talk about Airtime over the last year and now that it has launched, it will create a huge buzz. Video is where it's at, live streaming is where it's at and it's right on the money.

I want to text you, share my pics with you but above all, I want to talk with you. Now you can.  

Who said there's no new opportunities in Social Media?