Wednesday, 20 June 2012

24 hour deluge in funding. There's money out there.

I was just looking at the number and value of deals going on at the minute on Techcrunch - and it's huge.

Talk of a "bubble" abounds......and, well, just look at these....

Sonos, the producers of high end wireless home audio has raised another 135m usd bringing its total funding to 200m.
White Sky, producing security software raised 7.5m usd
Dropcam raised 12m bringing its funding to over 17m

Codeacademy, who wants to teach the world to code, raised 10m
Cvent, an online event management company acquired SeedLabs for 4.2m
Bright, a job board, raised 6m

Bluebox, focussed on mobile security, raised 9.5m
Onefinestay, which allows out of towners rent their homes, raised 12m
Burst, a mobile sharing concept, raised 3.5m

Tencent buys a minority stake in Epic games, although money undisclosed
VHX in the independent video producer space, got 1.25m
Yext a business listings sync concept, announced a 27m round of funding

Crushpath, which allows salespeople do better deals, got 2m
Shapeways a 3D printing company got 6.2m

Never heard of them? Well that, dear reader, is since yesterday.
Yesterday. And I'm sure there's more.

There's money out there to invest in good ideas and pretty good money too. It seems to me to be a deluge as investors scramble to get into online.

Most of these are US based and I hear time and time again, that if you have a good idea, you'll fund it far quicker on the West coast. But it's really encouraging to see that level of investment going in.

The space grows and grows.
Good to see it.
Great to see it.